Wind Loading Day (April 4th, Torquay, Victoria)

The Wind Loading Day for 2018 will have a new format, and will present a range of options for engineers, planners, architects, materials supply professionals and students, immediately prior to the AWES19 Workshop.  Although AS/NZS 1170.2 will continue to be the source of design information for many structures, and will feature in an early presentation, there will be presentations about several other local and international codes and standards and guides, wind-tunnel testing at both model and full scale, materials testing under wind and debris loading, and the growing application of computational fluid dynamics to wind engineering.  The response of pedestrians to winds at ground level, and of building occupants to wind-induced vibrations, with a discussion of acceptable limiting criteria, will also be featured.

Scheduled topics for WLD 2018: 

  • Use of local standards and guides (AS/NZS 1170.2, AS 3995, AS4055, AS/NZS 7000, and AWES-HB-001-2012)
  • Use of international standards and guides (e.g. ESDU, ISO 4354, Eurocode, IEC 61400-1, BD 49/01, HB 212-2002)
  • Boundary-layer wind tunnel testing and the AWES Quality Assurance Manual (AWES-QAM-1-2001)
  • Wind-tunnel testing at full-scale, or with large-scale models
  • Full-scale structural and cladding testing
  • Human response to building vibration
  • Application of computational fluid mechanics to wind engineering
  • Wind effects on pedestrians
  • Speakers will include:
  • Dr. Seifu Bekele (Global Wind Technology Services),
  • David Burton (Wind Tunnel Manager, Monash University),
  • Harry Fricke (City of Moonee Valley and JDH Consulting), 
  • Professor John Ginger (James Cook University),
  • Dr. Matthew Glanville (Cermak Peterka Petersen),
  • Dr. David Henderson (Cyclone Testing Station),
  • Dr. John Holmes (JDH Consulting),
  • Professor Kenny Kwok (University of Sydney),
  • Dr. Graeme Wood (The Arup Group).

There will be approximately six hours of presentations and Q and A sessions, with breaks for refreshments and lunch included.   
Participants will receive attendance certificates for assistance with CPD compliance.